Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Take a walk on the Dark Side...

We at Rockett St George always strive to offer our customers a complete interior collection - a one stop shop for all your decorating needs. Paint was an obvious next step for us, and so we began looking for an inspirational paint collection. We were absolutely delighted when Abigail Ahern told us about her new paint range and snapped up the chance to be a UK stockist. The colours are rich and exotic and can be used to add real drama to a room or space.

I personally love 'Hudson Black' the most. It is a brave move, but Lucy has just painted her bedroom in this colour and it looks beautiful and feels very very special! Plus every piece of furniture looks beautiful against the dark backdrop. - Jane Rockett

Be brave, be bold and you will not be disappointed! We promise!
The paints are not only fabulous in colour but also a pleasure to use. They are high in pigment and therefore have a beautiful finish. They really are very special and a great alternative to white or a neutral beige.


Effortlessly cool hues that can be used as a statement in its own right. Everything on display feels grander, cooler, larger, more intense. It’s a glamorous, sophisticated and intriguing collection made from mostly natural pigments so that the colours give redolence and depth - you get beautiful undertones with the colours subtly changing in the daylight.

The paint range is inspired by Abigail's time spent living in the States, and more specifically Manhattan; with its hub of Kafka-esque hangouts, unsanctioned street art and hipster counter culture. Think tobaccos, full on noirs, inky blues; earthy reds coupled with shots of bold intense teals and jungle greens.

Welcome to the dark side. Come and join our revolution, take a chance​ and be bold - paint a room dark. We at Rockett St George​ ​love living in a dark palette.​ ​Let the dark back​ ​drop​ ​set​ ​a dramatic scene to let your​ ​accessories and lighting​ take center​ ​stage.

Abigail Ahern Paint Samples are available at £2.95 per 50ml Pot
Shop the full range > here <
2.5L Emulsion £33.00, 5L Emulsion £55.00, 2.5L Eggshell £40.00, 5L Floorpaint £70.00

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Busy bees...

We have been very busy bee's at RSG HQ getting our latest catalogue together for the launch in May - we hope that you will love what we have done this year and will feel inspired by the products we have sourced, just for you.

Here is a little sneak-peek of what you can expect to see in our May SS14 Catalogue...

Also new to the site this week is our new 'RSG Loves' button, which shows you the products that we LOVE the most! We'll be tweeting about these products and giving tips on how to use or style them in your home.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Introducing.. Tin Ceiling Tiles

On a recent trip to New York we fell in love with the American Tin Tiles that we noticed in various bars, homes & restaurants. They are truly stunning and add texture and colour to ceilings all over NYC. So we just knew we needed to source them for the Rockett St George collection. The Tin Tiles first came in to production in the Victorian age, taking over from the more expensive carved plaster and cornices. Sheets of tin were hammered and stamped using cast iron molds and the finished product was painted to give the appearance of expensive, hand carved plaster. They are very versatile and can be painted, sprayed or distressed to suit your interior. We played around with some different effects that really highlight the beauty of these tiles...