Friday, 5 December 2014

Jane's Top Christmas Gifts for under £25

When shopping for small gifts and stocking fillers it can be really
tricky to avoid just buying something throw-away. We have tried
hard to find a range of relevant, useful and entertaining gifts, for less!
This week I am sharing with you my own shopping list for those
special but hard-to-find gifts for under £25. Happy Shopping!

Jane x




Thursday, 20 November 2014

Get The Look - Monochrome Christmas Dining Room

This week we'd like to help inspire your Christmas Dining Room setting, to inject a little charm and magic into your home during the festive season.

We love a look that can last, and this monochrome scheme will definitely stand the test of time. We've mixed in rich metallic golds and used soft lighting and eye-catching wall art to create a stylish space, ready to impress your Christmas visitors.

Our Top Tips:

1. Be inviting. Comfortable seating and a solid round table always work well to help keep conversations flowing.
2. Use metallics and candles so that light will bounce all around the room and fill you with calm and warmth.
3. Pay attention to your Lighting. In addition to candle light try a lamp or two. Your guests will not only feel cosy and comfortable, but they'll also be able to see their dinner too!
4. Create moments. At Christmas we have crackers to pull and bad jokes to read out! But for the rest of the year it's a really good idea to invest in a table top game, such as Psychogames.
5. Accessorise! Surround yourself with items that you love, from art work to your favourite ornaments and treasures. Be inspired by your everyday objects.

All of the items featured in our Dining Room shoot can be found below. Have fun creating your own version and Happy Shopping!

PS. Our 2014 Christmas Look Book is out now! Full of inspirational decorating and gift ideas, to help make your Christmas a magical one!
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Circular Black Dining Table

Black & Ivory Porcelain Lamp

Set of 6 RSG Monochrome Crackers

Set of 2 Dark Smoke Tea Light Holders

Set of 4 Brushed Gold Cutlery

Spectacles Monochrome Print
(Unframed) £45.00

Extra Tall Tapered Dinner Candles
Gold £18.00

Set of 2 Martini Cocktail Glasses

Dark Cross Back Dining Chair

Set of 2 Tall Black Side Tables

Set of 2 Porcelain Gold Decorations

Display Bottle / Candle Holder

Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Get The Look - Home Office Inspiration

Let us help you create a sharp stylish home office using key pieces to achieve a practical yet beautiful work space. A neutral palette of wood and metal with a hint of brass and gold translates into a calm productive environment.

​Top Tips

1. Love your work space, your productivity will increase if you enjoy being at your desk.
2. Use metallics and candles to create warmth and calm.
3. Ensure that your desk is well lit. Use desk lamps or ceiling lights illuminate your workspace.
4. Make sure that your chair is comfortable.
5. Surround yourself with items that you love. Be inspired by your everyday objects.

All of the items featured in our shoot can be found below. Have fun creating your own version and Happy Shopping!

Wood & Metal Desk

Brass & Glass Ceiling Light £85.00

Brass & Glass Candle Holder £22.00

Glazed Geometric Vase from £15.00

Foundry Industrial Dining Chair

Gold Leather Carry All

Baroque Glass Tumber/Tea Light Holder £4.00

Metal Desk Tidy

Wooden Ball on a Rope Door Stop £25.00